Our Mission

We are committed to improving the health and welfare of animals through funding urgent veterinary care, animal education, and community outreach programs. We strongly believe that lack of finances should not determine an animal’s destiny. Every animal deserves a chance.


Joey’s Journey

At 4 months old, Joey was placed in a closed plastic bag and thrown from a moving car. He suffered three severely fractured vertebrae in his neck which left him paralyzed in all four limbs. His journey to learn to walk again is not only miraculous but one of hope and inspiration. This video depicts his journey back to health with his veterinarian (now owner) Dr. Lynda Loudon.

About Us

In July of 2012, Lynda Loudon, DVM, founded the 501 (c)(3) non-profit Healing Haven Animal Fund, now Healing Haven Animal Foundation (HHAF). Dr. Loudon has dedicated her life to helping animals and the people who love them. The purpose of Healing Haven Animal Foundation is to improve the health and welfare of animals through funding urgent veterinary care, providing animal care education, and organizing community outreach programs such as the Cold Cats Project.

As an emergency veterinarian for over 18 years, Dr. Loudon has too often seen finances become the deciding factor in the outcome for animals that are in urgent need of veterinary care. Throughout her career, she has always felt strongly that an animal should not have to die due to its caretaker’s lack of finances. Dr. Loudon began this organization to change that. Her goals also reach beyond providing funding for animals in need. She expects Healing Haven Animal Foundation to become a non-profit animal hospital and sanctuary that offers programs dedicated to helping people through the love of animals. It will be a safe haven for all those whom live, work, and visit – a place of hope, healing, love, and purpose.